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The Boardroom is a "fast casual" restaurant, tasting room, and foodie event venue based in Redwood Acres, Eureka and on Main Street in Ferndale. Our fine meats and fermented foods are made in-house in the European tradition and are paired with a collection of local and imported cheeses and other amazing ingredients. Immediate openings in Eureka include:



Eureka - - - (Hiring Now)

  • Back of House, Part-Time (Eureka): Responsibilities include building charcuterie boards, plating soups/salads/slow-smoked items, keeping a clean kitchen, and managing ingredients when closing your shift. Although the position is less stressful than your average "line cook" role, it requires many of the same juggling abilities and far more communication skills, as you'll be working in a open kitchen. If interested and a good fit, you may also be considered for additional prep hours when needed. (Restaurant experience required: $15 per/hr + tips) 
    How We Roll
    Pay: Depends on responsibilities, but most roles begin at $15 per/hr plus tips (see below). Special experience and/or certifications that apply to your responsibilities will always be considered.
    Tips: are "pooled" in Eureka and Ferndale, which means digital and cash tips are distributed evenly with all restaurant workers during any given shift and/or event. 
    Hours: are flexible, allowing parents, students, partially retired, and anyone with a life to join the team.


    Strong Candidates Will Have:
    Positive Attitudes and Strong Communication Skills: We're not a traditional restaurant, and we're seeking non-traditional employees. Everyone is expected to have strong communication skills and provide top-notch customer support.
    Current ServeSafe (Food HandlerCertifications: You're welcome to apply for the positions above, but you'll need a current certification before being hired. We can help you with this if hired.
    Food Interest: Future hires may come from food manufacturing, the wine industry, brewing, or have traditional restaurant backgrounds. 
    Qualifications and Requirements: Must be able to read, write, and have basic math skills. You'll be able lift 35+ pounds. Mentioned ServeSafe certifications and proof of eligibility to work in the United States are required.


    How to Apply
    Drop-in and get familiar with the menu and overall "vibe" of the restaurant. If still interested, visit our Contact page and complete the form being sure to include:


    (a) a short intro paragraph mentioning why you are a good fit for one or more of the open positions. Feel free to list preferred locations (Eureka, Ferndale) if multiple are listed for the same position, along with any schedule restrictions you may have, and 
    (b) you'll notice we don't offer a way to submit attachments, so simply copy the text from your resume and paste it beneath your intro paragraph.


    All applications are confidential. We'll be sure to confirm receiving your application using the provided email address as soon as possible. Thank your for your interest in joining The Boardroom's team!


    The Boardroom is a subsidiary of Ryan Creek Ventures LLC, an Equal Opportunity Employer.