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Brie Board

Brie Board for Two - Cheese and More Cheese

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Brie Board for Two: We've taken one of The Boardroom's popular boards, and doubled the size! We tweak the ingredients weekly to keep things interesting, and this week's version features a nutty cow milk cheese imported from Holland (Mimolette!).


  • Brie: a triple-dose of ooey, gooey brie  (9 oz, France)
  • Aged Cheddar: sweeter than your average cheddar, this aged farmhouse cheese is both crumbly and creamy (3 oz, Iowa)
  • Mimolette: originally a French creation known for complex nutty notes, Mimolette is cow milk cheese perfected in Holland (1.5 oz, Holland)
  • Marcona Almonds: a sweet and buttery almond loved by regulars (Spain)
  • Habanero Jam: a local favorite, this delicious blackberry jam by Diane's Sweet Heat gives our board a spicy twist (Arcata)
  • Fruit: Chef's choice of seasonal berries, grapes, and/or dried fruit
  • Bread: We offer fresh breads made in Humboldt County, bakeries rotate weekly based-on flavors and availability (Arcata/Eureka)
  • Crackers/Cookies: our cookies and crackers vary by the week from sourdough flatbread crackers and sea salt bread sticks, to imported gingersnap cookies
  • Honey: gotta' have it!


Keep an eye open for our pop-up wine bar during pick-up. We'll have a variety of imported and local wines to help you celebrate this holiday weekend.