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Brie Meaty - Cheese and Meat Board for Two

Brie Meaty - Cheese and Meat Board for Two

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Brie Meaty - Board for Two You'll enjoy: a huge wedge of imported brie, an aged cheddar, Canadian Bacon, nuts, fruit, habanero jam, and this week's salami is Spicy! This is a full meal for two, or the perfect snacking board for four or more.


  • Brie: A huge wedge of an authentic, cow-milk brie (imported, France)
  • Canadian Bacon: Much like Canadian bacon you've had in the past, but 10x the flavor. This might become your favorite meat ever...seriously.
  • Spicy Salami: A traditional salami made of pork sourced from Northern, CA, this salami has a very mild heat similar to a Spanish chorizo. 
  • Pickled Goodies: Chef's choice based on seasonal specials
  • Aged Cheddar: Rich with complex flavors with a delicate crunch thanks to proteins formed during aging.
  • Nuts: slightly salted mixed nuts
  • Honey: You've gotta' have it with brie, and our honey is a perfect pairing.
  • Fruit: Grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.
  • Bread and Bread Sticks: We offer fresh breads made in Humboldt County along some of our favorite bread sticks. Bakeries rotate weekly based-on flavors and availability. 
  • Coarse-Ground and Smooth Dijon Mustard: A little of both, the perfect dijon import it from France. 
  • Image Note: This photo shows robiola, but the actual board has brie. Other details like fruit, pickled ingredients, and condiments may vary depending on seasonal availability. This combo is delivered in a box.

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