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Smoked Bacon

The Boardroom's Online Deli - Smoked Bacon

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Smoked Bacon - As you know, all of the meats on The Boardroom's charcuterie boards are smoked and cured in-house, and the same is true for our deli items. One of our most popular deli products is our small batch smoked bacon.

Sold in 1lb slabs (not sliced), each product starts-off as whole, skin-on pork bellies sourced here in Northern, California. Unlike today's mass-produced bacon known for injecting salt and sugar into their meats, we take the opposite approach. Our Ryan Creek Root Cellar brand bacon is dried to remove water which concentrates the bacon flavor. The bellies are then slow-smoked, until they've turned mahogany red. We then remove the rinds and freeze the slab, making future slicing and dicing easy.

Cook the bacon just as you would a store-bought bacon. A word of warning...once you've had real bacon, there's no going back!


     (Note: Cook bacon before consuming.)