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Bacon Smoked-Cheddar Wurst

The Boardroom's Online Deli: Bacon Smoked-Cheddar Wurst

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Bacon Smoked-Cheddar WurstIf you liked our Oktoberfest menu, you better jump on this offer soon because we have a very limited number of Bacon-Smoked Cheddar Wurst available!


  • (Made in-house) pork, cuts of our Old World Bacon, pickling spice, and cheddar cheese smoked here at The Boardroom come together to make this mouth-watering sausage. Like all sausages from this year's Oktoberfest menu, our Bacon Smoked-Cheddar Wurst are approximately 12 inches long, tipping the scales at nearly two pounds per pack. (Pack of 4)


     (Cooking Notes: Simply grill on a BBQ, or heat to taste and enjoy.)