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Combo Board for Two - The Three Ameat'gos

Combo Board for Two - The Three Ameat'gos

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Our Three Ameat'gos combo board, is the perfect meaty combo to share with a friend. Along with three of our favorite meats, there's just enough sweet, spicy, and creamy to round it out. This week's version includes our popular Spicy Salami, finally back in stock!


    • Canadian Bacon: Smoky, sweet, and salty, Canadians tell us it's the best they've ever had, eh? (1.5 oz, made in-house)
    • Summer Sausage: Also referred to as "Gothaer" at the restaurant, our Summer Sausage has a natural wood smoking and generous dose of black pepper. (3 oz, made in-house)
    • Spicy Salami: Often compared to a Spanish "Choizo", this traditional salami was stuffed in natural casings and has a very pleasant, yet mild heat (1.5 oz, made in-house)
    • Aged Cheddar: an amazing, aged cheddar (1.5oz Iowa)
    • Manchego: slightly sweet upfront with a light salt finish, our sheep-milk cheese plays well with all our meats (1.5oz Spain)
    • Pickled Goodies: could be crunchy dills or other pickled goodie (Chef's choice)
    • Mixed Nuts: an assortment of lightly salted nuts (USA)
    • Fruit: a collection of fresh berries and season fruit
    • Dijon Mustard: quite possibly the best dijon ever, smooth and coarse included (France)
    • Bread and Crackers: chef's choice of bread, crackers and/or bread sticks

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