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Party Platter, Chairman of the Board Combo

Party Platter, Chairman of the Board Combo

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Party Platter: Chairman of the Board

Brought back from our original restaurant menu, the Chairman of the Board is all time favorite appetizer board for large groups, or complete meal for approximately three people. All dressed-up in our recyclable leafware platters, they're looking good and ready to party!


  • PepperoniA slightly upscaled pepperoni with bursts of paprika, cayenne pepper, and a touch of fennel (3 oz, Eureka)
  • Summer Sausage: Also referred to as "Gothaer" at the restaurant, this German summer sausage recipe has a natural wood smoking and generous dose of black pepper. (6 oz, Eureka)
  • Natural Salami: a traditional dry salami with nothing but locally sourced Northern Californian pork and a touch of sea salt (3 oz, Eureka)
  • Spicy Salami Salami: also a dry salami, "Spicy" combines a blend of proprietary spices offering a mild heat, similar to a Spanish chorizo (3 oz, Eureka)
  • Canadian-Style Bacon: not shown in the image, our Canadian Bacon is another slow-smoked miracle with an amazing texture (6 oz, Eureka)
  • Smoked Duck: a cured and smoked masterpiece, you'll definitely want to try our smoked duck with the fig jam (3 oz, Eureka)
  • Brie: a creamy, imported brie (3 oz, France)
  • Manchego: a true, imported sheep-milk Manchego (1.5 oz, Spain)
  • Aged Cheddar: aged, white cheddar (3 oz New England)
  • Mixed Nuts: mixed, lightly salted nuts (USA)
  • Fruit: a collection of fresh and dried fruit that changes with the seasons (Seasonal, Source Varies)
  • Crackers, Bread, Cookies: Chef's choice
  • Honey: gotta' have it!
  • Fig Jam: imported from Croatia, our fig jam is the perfect pairing with our smoked duck (Croatia)
  • Mustard: two perfect coarse and smooth dijon mustards, imported (France)


This board is "event ready" presented on a beautiful tray made of recyclable palm leaf. Simply remove the cover and you're ready to party. Not all boards are alike and some ingredients are seasonal.