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Catering in Humboldt County


Although we aren't set-up for standard "on site" catering services, The Boardroom does provide amazing meals for large groups. Send us an email today to learn more about ordering. Popular options for pickup and delivery often include a combination of the following specialties below, but contact us to see how we can build the perfect menu for your event.


Main Course Options ( Will Vary

Slow-Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Brioche Buns with BBQ Sauce

Organic, Slow-Smoked Half-Chickens

Slow-Smoked Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce 

Chili, Ribeye Chili and Vegetarian Options

Slow-Smoked Sausages

Gourmet Sandwiches

House Salads with Smoked Options (Organic Chicken, House Bacon, Smoked Tofu, Smoked Duck)


Baked Beans

Mac and Cheese

Cole Slaw

Cornbread (Sweet, Spicy Jalapeno, or Black Pepper) 

Fresh Side Salads

‚ÄúExtras‚ÄĚ and Appetizers

Large Pretzels with Mustard

Party Platter, Chairman of the Board (Combo)

Party Platter, Many Meats and More

Party Platter, Cheese and More Cheese

Party Platter, The Vegan

Party Platter, Smoked Duck


    Most orders require a minimum 14 day advance to align vendors and staff, but special accommodations can sometimes be made depending on the size of your group and your requested menu items.

    Special Terms: Unless otherwise noted, custom orders are paid upfront and are non-refundable as ingredients have been purchased and staff will be busy working on your order before your event. An automatic large party gratuity fee of 10% is included in totals; lower than standard rates due to the fact that we aren't serving at your event. 

    Delivery vs Pick-up: Most deliveries require a flat $50 delivery fee for locations within city limits, Trinidad to Fortuna. You can avoid this fee with a scheduled pickup at our Eureka restaurant.

    Gluten-Free Options: Many of our products are gluten-free, and we do offer gluten-free buns and crackers for menu items that typically include it.


    Cheese BoardSando
    Sausage - OktoberfestPulled Pork Sando