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Party Platter, Cheese and More

Party Platter, Cheese and More

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The Cheese Platter

Designed to accompany our other party platters, or to stand alone as a meatless appetizer for 7+ people, this combination of five cheeses includes an immense 30 ounces of cheese along with perfectly paired accompaniments. 

  • Five Cheeses: A sharp New England cheddar (VT), a smooth farmstead cheddar (IA), an imported brie (France), a true sheep-milk Manchego (Spain), and Havarti (Denmark) - (30 total oz)
  • Fruit: chef's choice would could include any combination of fresh and/or dried strawberries, blue berries, grapes, apricots, etc
  • Bread, Crackers: chef's choice of bread, crackers, and/or bread sticks
  • Habanero Jam: an amazing small batch habanero peach jam by local favorites Diane Sweet Heat (Arcata)
  • Honey: because you have to have honey with brie (CA)
  • Chocolate: a mix of dark and milk chocolate (US)
  • Marcona Almonds: slightly sweet, salted, and buttery (Spain)
  • Olives: a blend of imported, pitted olives including green, Kalamata, nicoise (Spain) 
  • Note: the image is just a representation of our typical cheese platter. Ingredients may shift due to season availability and actual boards are served with sides of bread and fruit not shown in the image. 


This platter is "event ready" presented on a large, recyclable leafware, platter, or wood tray as seen in the image depending on inventory.